Rangers punters would have been at home and in the pub willing Kilmarnock to hang on in there as the minutes started to slip away at Rugby Park.

They'd have been watching and hoping and calculating the table and thinking to themselves that Celtic were about to slip up. When Scott Brown scored that winner, it would all have gone to pot.

Which is why you get the reaction that you did. There is nothing like a last minute winner to make you feel like you are in a trance.

You talk about Henrik Larsson and Jimmy Johnstone, Paul McStay, Jimmy McGrory, the Lisbon Lions and Billy McNeill, but for me Scott Brown has joined the list of legends at Celtic Park.

When you look at what he has offered over the last decade or so in terms of leadership and drive and in terms of his medal haul, he has got to be up there.

And I thought he dragged the team to that win at Kilmarnock yesterday Let's not forget that three months ago, there were people who had retired him.

And I can see why he went mental when he scored that goal at Rugby Park yesterday - I would have reacted exactly the same.

I was lucky enough to score a few really late winners in my career, including one in the Scottish Cup semi-final against Rangers, and it is difficult to describe the feeling. For a few minutes, you genuinally lose your mind.

It is sheer adrenalin and even when you know there is a consequence, you don't care. The feeling, the emotion, it just takes over. It is an incredible moment.

It is a stupid rule that if you leave the pitch to celebrate that you get booked anyway. It is what football is all about.

But I have a bit of sympathy for refs in this one because it's their orders that it what they have got to do and if they don't then they'll be hauled up for it. It is a piece of nonsense, as anyone who has ever played football will tell you.

That goal against Kilmarnock might well turn out to the be the goal that wins the title and in a situation like that, no matter who you play for, there is always going to be a huge reaction.