DANIEL Bachmann, the Watford keeper who is on loan at Kilmarnock this season, last night bemoaned the number of big decisions that go against the Rugby Park club when they play “big sides”.

Bachmann was upset that his team mate Kirk Broadfoot was shown a straight red card for a foul on Celtic captain Scott Brown during the second-half of the Ladbrokes Premiership match in Ayrshire yesterday.

The Austrian, who has attracted interest from German club Stuttgart, felt that Brown’s challenge on Greg Taylor in the first-half had merited the same punishment from referee Bobby Madden.

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But he claimed that Steve Clarke’s side and other provincial clubs in Scotland always get decisions given against them by match officials when they take on Celtic and Rangers.

And the goalie, whose side will take on Steven Gerrard’s side in a William Hill Scottish Cup fifth round replay at Ibrox on Wednesday, pointed to the six penalties the Glasgow club were awarded in the space of eight days earlier this month in an attempt to back up his point.

“I don’t want to talk about the red card,” he said. “I have seen it again. It is hard for the referee, but there were challenges in the first-half, trust me, that were a lot worse than that.

“But it is just the same all the time we play these teams whether it’s a penalty or a red card. It is just one of those things. We need to get used to. We never get the decisions either, they always go for them. Every time it is a free-kick for them wherever on the pitch it is.

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“Whenever the big sides play against us it is the same – and it isn’t just us it is against every other team as well. It is just something we need to get used to.”

Asked about the Brown challenge on Taylor, he said: “I think the ball was gone about one second or two seconds. He just kicks him ankle high.

“It is not just against us. I need to be careful what I say here, but talk to me about six penalties in one week. Most teams don’t get six penalties in a season. Whether they are penalties or not, it’s a big number. Like I said, it is what it is. We’ve played really well today.”