A SCHOOLBOY who was apart from his soldier dad for four months was stunned when he turned up out of the blue to pick him up from class - just in time for Christmas.

Five-year-old Kyran McKinley had no idea his father Ryan, 30, was getting home to spend the festive season with the family until he walked through the door at St Michael's Primary in Port Glasgow.

Soldier Ryan wanted to give his son an early Christmas present by picking him up by surprise.

The 30-year-old will now enjoy the festive season with Kyran, five-month-old daughter Remmi, who he has not seen since shortly after she was born, and wife Kaitlyn, 25, with the couple set to celebrate their first wedding anniversary on Friday.

Ryan said: "I put in for getting Christmas off but most didn't get it, including many with families as well.

"Only nineteen of about 250 can get it off so I was delighted.

"I told Kaitlyn but she didn't tell Kyran, she wanted it to be a surprise."

Kaitlyn planned it all meticulously by not saying a word to anyone to ensure nobody slipped up and arranging for Kyran to stay at his nana's the night before his dad picked him up.

The first the P1 pupil knew his dad was back home was when he knocked on the classroom door and walked in.

After the initial shock, the youngster raced straight to Ryan and gave him a big hug.

Mum Kaitlyn said: "I'm quite good at keeping secrets. "We didn't think he was coming home for Christmas.

"Remmi was only eight weeks old when he left and it's our first anniversary on Friday as well.

"I couldn't wait to see him, I was counting down the days, hours and minutes."

Ryan arrived home in the early hours of Monday morning and Kyran's classmates were also thrilled when he visited the school in his uniform.

He will now enjoy a fortnight with his family before returning to work, although

Kaitlyn joked: "The kids are getting passed over to him now!

"It's been quite a quick few months for me because I've been so busy with the kids but it's been a long time for them.

"We didn't expect Ryan home for Christmas so it's a bonus to have him here."