POLICE have said they have not received any reports of a break-in at Ibrox Stadium despite footage emerging online which appears to show a man with a Celtic flag within the Rangers ground. 

The video footage was posted on Twitter today and shows a man walking around the stadium parading a Celtic flag.

The video, which contains strong and offensive language, does not reveal the man's identity, only his voice. 

It is not known when the video was shot but the footage has emerged after Celtic were crowned nine-in-a-row champions. 

In the video, the man said: "The f***ing flag is waving, it's f***ng waving.

"They've probably phoned the coppers by noo.

"I hope I don't get caught coming oot here. I'll f***ing do a screw or two.

"See yas."

A Police Scotland spokesman said: "We have not received any reports of a break-in at Ibrox."

Rangers FC have been contacted for comment.