AN EAST Kilbride secondary school has become the first in South Lanarkshire to design and provide reusable water bottles for pupils in a bid to reduce plastic.
The Wan Use is Nae Use project was the brainchild of a group of senior students keen to encourage classmates to become more environmentally aware.
Teacher Allan Wilkie said: “Some of the pupils came to us to complain about the huge amount of waste generated in the school at lunchtimes and breaktimes.
“They worked out that around 500 plastic bottles of water are purchased every week at Duncanrig.”
He added: “We were taken aback by how quickly the idea gathered momentum – it has been amazing and we are very proud of the way the students have kept it 
Duncanrig pupils made posters, successfully lobbied South Lanarkshire Council for more water fountains, delivered assemblies to younger students and enlisted the support of local firm Highlander Recycling, who helped to finance new reusable water bottles.
A competition for new first year pupils resulted in 80 designs being incorporated on to the bottles, which 
are now being sold in the school.
Brian Bingham, sales director at Highlander Recycling, said: “The importance of recycling will only be fully understood if we educate our young people. 
“Pupils need to be involved in running projects like this – it is only the start and it’s bound to grow.”
First year pupils Jenna Bain and Courtney Torrance had their designs selected for the bottles.
“I included the recycling sign and waves, to remind people plastic damages the oceans and sea wildlife,” explains Jenna.
Courtney adds: “My pictures included a polar bear, to show all habitats are under threat. This is a great project and it should happen in every school.”