AN UBER driver who was caught plying for trade because he had lost all his money at a casino had his licence suspended.

Salah Benchiheub was spotted by a Glasgow Taxi driver pirating earlier this year when he picked up a couple on a Glasgow street and took cash from them.

Benchiheub was asked to attend an interview with Glasgow City Council enforcement officers.

At the interview, he told officers he had been working for Uber on the night of the incident.

Benchiheub said he picked the couple up but didn’t remember where they went.

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He was then brought before the licensing committee on Wednesday morning to explain himself.

During the hearing it emerged that the driver was suspended in 2017 following a similar incident.

He said: “I don’t know how it happened and I cannot believe I did it again.

“I had lost all my money at a casino. I was hungry and in need of cash.

“I was not thinking at the time.

“I didn’t think about what I was doing until it had happened. I am sorry it won’t happen again.”

Councillors informed Benchiheub that by pirating he was putting himself and others in danger.

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Councillor Alex Wilson said: “I don’t believe that you didn’t know what you were doing. You know how this happens.

“Someone approaches you with cash, you take the money and make the journey.

“When you take someone who has not pre-booked a hire you are not insured. You have been suspended before because of this and should have learned your lesson.”

Councillor Aileen McKenzie asked Benchiheub if he had a problem with gambling and if he attended the casino regularly.

Benchiheub said that he did and would go when he was not working.

Councillor McKenzie said: “You cannot carry on running your life like that. You have already been in trouble before and would think that would have been a wakeup call.”

Members agreed to suspend Benchiheub’s licence for eight weeks.