ALDI has invoked the wrath of Scots across the nation - for claiming to have created square-shaped sausages.

The budget supermarket took to Twitter to share its “new” product, writing: “Breakfast just became a whole lot easier… Will you be trying our Sausedge?”

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The meat treat has been described by the German giant as a way to “fit perfectly into sandwiches.”

Naturally, we Scots did not respond well to this “invention” - with many having taken to Twitter to slam the retailer for nicking our beloved breakfast creation.

One man wrote: “Wow, did you really come up with this idea all by yourselves? It's so impressive – and the sausedge fits neatly onto sandwiches. Stunning. You really are very clever people. Imagine where we'd be without your genius? Next you'll be telling us that you invented tartan and Irn Bru.”

Another said: “This is cultural appropriation. I get it now.”

“You can't just re-brand square sliced sausage a 'sausedge',” was another comment.

“Sausedge? Get tae f***, it’s a squerr sausage! (Or Lorne if yer posh),” read another hilarious post.

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“They're called Lorne sausages, ya absolute bawbags,” added one angry man.

Even Glasgow comedian Limmy chipped in, saying: “Sturgeon must condemn.”