DOMESTIC abuse campaigners believe victims are being let down after it was revealed comic John McDade previously dodged jail over a campaign of horrific abuse.

The serial abuser, 37, was finally locked up on Friday for further abuse against two other females after we learned how he was given community service for battering three ex-girlfriends back in 2013.

Shamed McDade, from Coatbridge, was sentenced to four years and three months in prison for a catalogue of abuse and stalking against two of his most recent exes.

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He was described by a sheriff as a "serious danger to women" after being named a suspect in 14 domestic incidents involving five intimate partners over a period of eight years.

Last night campaigners at domestic abuse charity Scottish Women's Aid told of their "concern" that community service is being handed out as punishment to high-risk abusers.

A spokeswoman said: “Scottish Women’s Aid continues to be concerned about the huge gap between Scotland’s commitment to ending domestic abuse, so evident in our new Domestic Abuse (Scotland) Act, and the consequences handed out to convicted abusers.

"We hear story after story of horrific abuse followed by community sentences that seem almost trivial.

"If these crimes had been committed against a stranger, would the outcomes have been the same? We don’t think so.”

It comes after we told how three victims of the award-winning comic branded him a "psychopath" after he was jailed.

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Victim Gillian McTominay, 29, told how she warned cops five years ago that the thug would abuse again after he dodged jail for an attack on her and two others.

During the same trial at Glasgow Sheriff Court he was also found guilty of attacks on two other ex-partners.

Another 33-year-old victim, who can only be named as Caroline, compared him to TV abuser "Dirty John."

Caroline, who applauded as he was sentenced last week, said: "I'd prefer it if his sentence was longer and that he had a separate sentence for what he did to me.


"The reason that I proceeded with the court case in 2013 was to stop him from doing what he did to anyone else, so it's unfortunate and saddening that he was let off and managed to do it to more women thereafter.

"At least he isn't laughing anymore."