IRN Bru has launched its latest advert and the internet is loving it.

AG Barr, the brains behind the drinks giant, revealed its new Ginger and Proud ad to help "spread the ginger love".

Fans have been encouraged to tag a pal with the famously Scottish hair colour to help reassure them over any teasing they may have experienced.

The tongue-and-cheek ad says: "Being ginger isn't always easy. Getting called Hucknall, Sheeran, Weasley.

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"Comparisons to orangutan apes. 'Does the carpet match the drapes?'.

"Folk using our freckles to play dot-to-dot. Getting burnt when it's sunny, getting burnt when it's not.

"But being ginger with a pasty physique is something to be proud of because it makes us unique.

"Who wants to be just another face in the crowd? We're a rare breed, be ginger and proud.

"We're special - the double yoker, the four-leaf clover, the two per cent born and bred.

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"Who wants a grey squirrel when you can have red?

"Yes our tolerance for UV may be tiny, but remember it was Ron, not Harry, that got with Hermione.

"Let's forget the names and forget the calls, it's time to show off those ginger balls.

"So go on take a stand, make the admission: 'My MR-one-R receptor's in the perfect position.'

"Because if you're ginger you're genetically blessed. It makes you different, original and best."

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