A TAXI firm which had its licence suspended after a car was found to be corroding has had the decision overturned.

Licensing chief Alex Wilson branded the BAC Taxi Service vehicle “one of the worst” he had ever seen.

But councillors agreed to reinstate the licence after hearing the firm had replaced the damaged car.

John Cowe, on behalf of BAC Taxi Service, apologised to Glasgow City Council’s licensing committee.

He told committee convener Mr Wilson that the company had owned the old car for ten years.

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Mr Wilson described its condition as “deeply worrying”.

He said: “You’ve had it ten years and it’s got that level of corrosion and faults?

“That’s probably one of the worst conditions I’ve seen a taxi in.”

Mr Cowe explained how one of his business partners had got a welder to deal with problems with the car.

“He was not as qualified as I think he thought the was,” he said.

“That corrosion to me is not natural, it’s unbelievable.

“I can only apologise for failing the committee to a certain degree.

“I was not happy myself with my partners.”

BAC had been granted a three-year taxi licence in September last year but this was suspended in November due to worries over the condition of a vehicle.

It was removed for “the unexpired portion of its duration”, which was until July 2021.

However, Mr Cowe wrote to the council’s licensing team in December, requesting the suspension was recalled.

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Last month, he lodged an application to substitute the vehicle and the new car has now passed an inspection.

Mr Wilson said: “There will be wear and tear in vehicles, that’s understandable.

“But once we start getting down to welding I think that vehicle should be looked at.”