IT caused possibly the biggest stooshie of 2018.

Irn-Bru maker Barr announced it would be cutting the sugar content of the famous orange tipple.

And Scotland was raging.

But entrepreneurial sorts stocked up on the good stuff and those with a craving for the full sugar hit are paying over the odds to get their hands on a can.

News 24 on Gordon Street, near Central Station, has jumped on the bandwagon.

But there's good news and bad news - the expiry date on the cans is June 2019.

So fans have just shy of six months to enjoy their original recipe Bru.

Shugufta Ahmed, owner of the shop, said she had initially stockpiled some cans of Irn Bru while they were still in supply.

As those ran out, she found a new source of the goods - as her supplier put the cost up, she was forced to do the same.

And now the City Centre newsagent is flogging the juice for £3.99 a can.

Despite the high price, Shugufta said the elixir is flying off the shelves.

She said: "People still love buying it and drinking it - they don't mind the price.

"Irn Bru should bring the original recipe back, it's what people want.

"The ones who purchase it are die hard fans and it's a real treat for fans who want to taste the older flavour."

There's no chance of Shugufta herself using up the supplies, however, as Irn Bru isn't her favourite drink.

She said: "I'm a Coke drinker so if Coke were to go out of production I'd be paying 10 times the normal amount, no bother.

"So I understand the people who are coming in all the time to buy it."

Supplies are running dry now with enough for the next few months so Shugufta is limiting the number that can be bought in one go.

Looks like original recipe devotees better get in quick.