Nicola Sturgeon said she will speak about the timing of a second independence referendum in a “matter of weeks”.

Speaking outside Westminster where she is meeting SNP MPs ahead of the vote of no confidence in Theresa May’s Government, Ms Sturgeon said time is running out for Westminster with the “chaos” of Brexit.

Ms Sturgeon has delayed announcements on a second referendum citing the “fog of Brexit” and saying the terms of the deal need to be known.

Some in the independence movement are restless for details of a when second referendum will be held and Ms Sturgeon said it is now weeks away.

She said: “I’ll say more about the timing of a referendum in the next, matter of weeks.

“I want to see the UK stay in the EU. I think it would be best for the whole UK but I think for Scotland, even when Scotland is independent that serves our interests best as well.”

She said the focus right now was on Brexit but

Ms Sturgeon added: “That’s why we’re backing the people’s vote the second EU ref if that’s not possible the chaos and the fiasco of the couple of years shows the worst thing for Scotland is to be thirled to Westminster when it’s making such a mess of things, we’d be far better of in charge of our own destiny.”

She the SNP are trying to responsible but that time was running out for that.

She added: “I will set out the timing when I think that is the appropriate moment. Right now the UK is facing a massive constitutional, economic san social crisis and if Scotland was independent right now we’d still probably prefer to see the rest of the UK in the European Union, so we’ll be as we have been in the house of commons, responsible and trying a voice of common sense.

Now time is running out for that approach. I can’t deny that. The stakes are so high that we must continue to do everything we can to find that better way forward.”

The Tories accused the First Minister of “grandstanding” and trying to deflect from problems with in the SNP.

Chief Whip Maurice golden said “Once again, we see Nicola Sturgeon playing her usual political games today.

“Before people were even out of bed this morning, she was seeking to use last night’s vote to bang on about independence.

“Then she hot-footed it to Westminster, clearing calculating that grandstanding in Westminster might help distract people from her role in the Alex Salmond scandal.”