A BOTTLE of Buckfast dating back more than 80 years has gone on sale after it was discovered.

The miniature, which makers have confirmed pre-dates World War Two, was recently found in Glasgow.

The booze was uncovered following a clearing out of family items, with owner Jonathan Porter deciding to have the find tested by J Chandler and company.

Following confirmation that the bottle is genuine, experts shared their belief that the drink was bottled prior to 1936, making it at least 83 years old.

The bottle's label even describes it as a great cure for depression, insomnia and pregnancy pains.

According to Mr Porter, his grandparents used to own a shop in Muirend during this time period.

He added: "I was helping my dad to tidy up his attic I found a box with lots of random things from the shop, this bottle included.

"I didn't want to open it as I thought it was quite old but it wasn't until I contacted the makers of Buckfast when I realised just how old.

Having unearthed the historical bottle, Mr Porter made the decision to sell the item, posting it for sale on eBay, with the advert calling it a "truly timeless gift for collectors and lovers of all things Buckfast".

Mr Porter is also in the process of having the item, which comes complete with a certificate of authentication from the makers, valued by experts.

Confirmation was made after Mr Porter shared the address on its packaging, which showed J Chandler's address as Whitehall, London.

The company say this shows it was made prior to 1936, when their offices were requisitioned by the Government for war offices.

However, according to the makers, owners are not advised to drink the contents, with the company instead offering Mr Porter a "modern bottle" to try.

He added: "I used to drink it now and then but to honest I'd like to sell it to someone who will treasure it for what it is. A little bit of history in a bottle."