FLIGHTS have been suspended at Heathrow airport after a suspected drone sighting.

All departures have been halted and it is understood the northern runway has been closed.

No flights have taken off from the London airport, which is among the world's busiest, for the past 45 minutes, with one of the last to leave a flight bound for Glasgow.

The next flight from Glasgow to Heathrow, operated by British Airways, was scheduled to leave at 7.15pm. A spokesman for the airport said the flight was likely to be delayed and passengers were being advised to check with individual airlines.

Gatwick was repeatedly forced to close between 19 and 21 December due to reported drone sightings, affecting about 1,000 flights. No arrests have yet been made.

In response the government has announced a package of measures which include plans to give police the power to land, seize and search drones.