A GLASGOW call centre which introduced a four-day working weeks for all staff on the same wages says the policy has boosted productivity and morale.

Advice Direct Scotland, which provides free benefits and debt advice, overhauled its business to ensure all 90 staff members earn the same wages as previously, while working fewer hours.

The charity’s quality and compliance manager David Rutherford said: “Introducing a four-day working week has brought major benefits for our organisation.

“We believe it is important that all workers are positive about their job and look forward to coming to work.

“The four-day week has given people more time to do what they enjoy, such as spending more time with their family, and it has created a really positive atmosphere in the office as a result.

The charity was praised by Business and Fair Work Minister Jamie Hepburn.

Mr Hepburn said: “I applaud Advice Direct Scotland in introducing a four-day week and would encourage all employers to follow their lead by adopting the starting position that any job can be done flexibly.

“Flexible and agile working has been found to increase motivation and business productivity as workers experience an improved work-life balance which brings wider benefits to our economy.”