EYEWITNESSES have spoken of their terror during a multi-vehicle crash on Paisley Road West.

A collision involving a First Glasgow vehicle, two cars and a taxi took place around 3.40pm before the bus ploughed into a roadside garden.

Onlookers described hearing loud bangs that sounded of gunfire while two brave local workers ran to the scene to attempt to help.

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Staff in a local petrol garage were serving customer as they heard the incident unfold.

Shop assistant Sajjad Alhamdani, 21, said: “I was serving a customer and I heard two big bangs.

“It was really loud bangs, like fireworks or gunshots or something. It was terrifying.

“I called 999 and my supervisor and me ran outside. We took the fire extinguishers.

“Some of the cars were really badly damaged and we were worried they might go on fire. Then we waited for the police.

“People were crying, I was so scared.

“People were screaming, shouting. It was like out of the movies.”

Hundreds of curious onlookers watched as the incident unravelled.

Eyewitnesses were among those who remained on the scene on last night, with claims of screaming and crying as the bus curtailed at high speed across busy traffic.

Another person who was nearby, Siobhan McNeill, said the crash sounded “like a bomb going off”.

She added: “[It] sounded like a bomb going off as the bus smashed through the wall.

“I couldn’t see anything as I filtered through traffic on my motorbike, but as I got to the lights at the RBS I could see the aftermath and saw the kids open the back door of the bus and climb out shaken up.

“I went over to make sure everyone was off the bus and no one was seriously injured.

School kids were screaming and crying everywhere.

“The accident scene was just a mass of cars smashed up and rubble everywhere.”

Reports suggest the First Bus had been stopped at the traffic lights on Tweedsmuir Road approaching Paisley Road West southbound.

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The bus is then said to have turned onto the busy road at speed before hitting multiple cars, catching the kerb of the road island before veering over the opposite side of the road and into the garden.

Damage had been done to the wall surrounding the property, with trees and bushes also pulled down and stuck under the bus following the collision.

Police were alerted to the crash at 3.40pm, with no initial reports of injuries.

One car, which remained on Paisley Road West, was severely damaged and crushed on the driver’s side.

The incident caused chaos on Glasgow’s roads during rush hour, with a number of bus routes diverted as a result.

One of those who watched the events take place reported that those involved were taken into a nearby house for minor treatment.

She added: “Everyone got taken into the next house over. Apparently they were being treated for shock.

“More than one ambulance arrived but I think only one person was taken away.”

The route was closed last night until 7.30pm, with the bus only removed from the garden at around 6pm.

As the bus was pulled out from the garden wreckage, firefighters stood with hoses in anticipation of any problems.

It is believed that those living in the affected property were removed from their house as a precaution.

A spokeswoman for First Bus said: “We can confirm that thankfully there have been no reported injuries and an investigation is now underway to identify the cause of the incident.”