MUCH-loved animated TV advert with the centre of Glasgow at its heart is preparing for its sequel 12 years after the original was first screened.

The original Irn-Bru Snowman campaign was first shown in 2006 and the wintry tale warmed the hearts of viewers after a boy had his Irn-Bru pinched by the snowman.

The second instalment will premiere on STV and social networking site Facebook from 8pm this Saturday.

The advert has been a favourite on our screens and for many people signalled the start of the festive season.

After flying through the air above a Scottish winter wonderland, the boy has his fizzy drink swiped and is sent tumbling into a snowy George Square.

Fans will be on tenterhooks to discover what happens next to the youngster 12 years after the original was shown.

The sequel begins with the determined boy pulling himself from the snow before viewers discover if he gets Irn-Bru back.

The follow-up to the original, which creators describe as “thrilling” sees the little boy soar high above Scotland once again.

Adrian Troy, marketing director said: “We know Christmas isn’t Christmas in Scotland without the Irn-Bru snowman, so we’re thrilled to be continuing the story and letting everyone find out what happens next.

“We’re sure this twist to the tale will be a real hit and a great way to kick-start the Christmas celebrations.”

Many of the animators who worked on the first campaign have been reunited to complete the sequel at Lupus Films’ animation studio in London under the supervision of director Robin Shaw.

Every frame of the short advertisement was hand-drawn and the team dedicated months completing the film.

Animators say their work used hundreds of pencils and thousands of sheets of paper to capture viewers’ imaginations.

The result is described as “unique take” on the characters and scenic landscapes up and down the country.

The result is described as “the ultimate festive treat” and the perfect follow-up to the iconic Christmas advert.

Carlo Massimo,13, a chorister at St Mary’s Music School. Edinburgh.

The youngster take on the song follows the Aled Jones version of Walking Through the Air which has become timeless classic and is now celebrating its 40th year.

It tells the tale of the boy’s quest to get his drink back and revisits the theme of ‘Walking Through The Air’ from classic festive film, The Snowman.

Mr Troy added: “The story will be revealed for the very first time on STV and Facebook during X Factor this Saturday night, so make sure you don’t miss out and, finally, have a Phenomenal Christmas.”