JAMES McAvoy was nearly duped out of £10,000 by online scammers while trying to book a family holiday in Tenerife.

The X-Men star was trying to book a trip to the Ritz Carlton Abama.

But the actor was almost conned out of thousands by a fake website he said is better than the official hotel site.

On Instagram, he posted: “Just avoided being scammed online.

“Trying to book a holiday for my family at the Ritz Carlton Abama hotel in Tenerife. The real website is www.ritzcarlton.com

“DO NOT USE THIS ONE (www.ritzabamatenerife.com).”

James thought the deal was “too good to be true” so he checked it out with a travel agent, so avoiding the scam.

He warned fans to avoid www.ritzabamatenerife.com in case others parted with their hard-earned cash.

McAvoy says the website seems legitimate and they want potential customers to send money via bank transfer after sending a picture of their passport, which he says he has done before.

But he has now informed the real Ritz Carlton Abama of the con and wants anyone else with any information to come forward.

He said: “I have just avoided being scammed through a cyber-scamming scheme online and I’m just making this video to draw your attention to it.

“They are the ritzabamatenerife.com, the real place is the Ritz Carlton Abama.

“Don’t use them, they nearly took £10,000 off me, which is a ton of money.

“Some guy called Joaquin emailing me back and forth, nearly made a bank transfer.

Very convincing - their website is actually better than the Ritz Carlton’s website.

“If you’ve been scammed by them, hit me up.

“I’ve told the Ritz Carlton, they know now.

“The other thing is that after you have filled out a booking form they will ask you to make a booking via bank transfer after sending them a picture of your passport page.

“That’s something I’ve done before in the past and it seems legit.

“You also get a 10% discount – they say – by doing a bank transfer, again more incentive to get excited about it.