A STOLEN food truck has been recovered in East Kilbride.

A social media appeal made the Babu truck "too hot to handle" and it was found less than 24 hours after it was stolen.

The Evening Times told yesterday how Rachna Dheer had ploughed her life savings into the Babu Bombay Street Kitchen van.

It was taken around 11.45pm on Wednesday night by two men using a transit van to tow it away.

Rachna posted online: "Thank you everyone for sharing... it worked.

"You all made it too hot to handle and it was dumped in East Kilbride.

"Thanks to everyone for sharing and your kind messages."

Rachna had said she was "devastated" by the theft, which not only took all of her savings but also left her without a source of income.

It had been parked on Cumberland Street when it was stolen.