THE owner of a street food truck is pleading for its return after it was stolen from Oatlands.

Rachna Dheer said she has ploughed her life savings into the Babu Bombay Street Kitchen van.

The chef will now have to cancel all work with the theft of her mobile premises, meaning she also has no source of income.

Rachna said: "I came in this morning and there was no trailer.

"I asked around my neighbours but no one had moved it - it was nowhere to be seen.

"My neighbour has CCTV so we checked it.

"The footage shows two men come with a transit van and cut the lock off the trailer.

"They then simply tow it away. It is so bold. Absolutely brazen."

The truck was taken on Wednesday night around 11.45pm, a time when traffic would still be passing by.

The van had been at a garage having a new lock fitted - but it was not enough to stop the two thieves.

Babu Bombay Street Kitchen on West Regent Street closed earlier this year but continued to operate as a food truck service.

The popular Indian food is a welcome sight at festivals and venues around the city.

It had been parked on Cumberland Street when it was stolen.

Rachna hopes an eye witness comes forward with information about the location of the van, which she says is highly distinctive in appearance.

She said: "It is bright yellow with red and white writing and say Babu in large letters across the side.

"You really can't miss it.

"I don't know how they would hide it, unless they take it to England or paint it straight away."

Rachna said she is devastated by the loss.

She added: "It is a busy time from now until Christmas but I am having to cancel all my gigs as I don't have my truck.

"This means I have no income and I'm letting down the people who expect us to be at events.

"My life savings are gone. I am devastated."

A spokeswoman for Police Scotland said: "We were called at 9.30am on Thursday to following the theft of a catering van from Cumberland Street around 11.45pm the night before.

"Enquiries are continuing."