A BADLY neglected dog is hoping to make a 2,500 MILE trip to Glasgow to start a new life in time for Christmas.

The sad-looking Shar Pei, which has been named Noelle, was dumped and left to die in a plastic kennel by her heartless owner in Gran Canaria.

She is covered in lumps, suffering from demodectic mange and has an ear infection following years of mistreatment.

East Kilbride Connect:

But Noelle, who is thought to be around seven-years-old, was saved by a friend of the Shar Pei Rescue Scotland, which now plans on giving her a new life in Britain.

The animal charity, based in East Kilbride, near Glasgow, is now raising money to pay for surgery for Noelle, which will take place in Gran Canaria on Monday.

It is hoped following the treatment, Noelle will make the 2,500 mile trip from Gran Canaria to the UK.

East Kilbride Connect:

The Shar Pei Rescue Scotland is a small charity operated by volunteers who specialise in helping neglected and abused dogs found in UK pounds and kill shelters in Europe.

It is a heartbreaking but rewarding role which sees the volunteers work with many dogs on their last legs.

Many of these animals would be dismissed as beyond hope but many have undergone incredible transformations before finding new homes.

Gina Mccallum, who runs the rescue, said: "Noelle was found in a plastic kennel. She had been dumped and was scared.

East Kilbride Connect:

"It was devastating to see video of her struggling to run away, in fear of her rescuer. She is safe now, but this is just the start for her.

“She has had an initial lookover with the vet who has identified the mange but she is clear of various other diseases.

“We have booked her in to have the lumps removed on Monday. We won't know the cause until we get the results of the biopsy back but we're determined to give her a second chance, the chance she deserves to enjoy her life.

“We rescue dogs from the most appalling places across Europe, in kill shelters where dogs are kept, normally without hope, in horrible conditions. Noelle is our Christmas appeal.”

Once safe to travel, Noelle will fly from Gran Canaria to Madrid where she will be driven through Spain and France before travelling to the United Kingdom on the Eurotunnel.

East Kilbride Connect:

She will then go into a foster home where her rehabilitation will continue until she is ready to be adopted.

The Shar Pei Rescue of Scotland is now raising money for her treatment and transport as well as appealing for funds to help care for the other dogs they have recently rescued.

People looking to help can donate to the rescue via their PayPal address donations_sprss@aol.com or by visiting the charity’s Facebook page https://www.facebook.com/groups/418843108296965/permalink/1078112025703400

East Kilbride Connect:

Gina added: “We have just pulled a Shar Pei crossbreed from a killing shelter in Cadiz, Spain, and she is great with cats and dogs.

“We have also just taken on Kessa from an English pound and she is starting to enjoy life. People shouldn't be put off adopting dogs left in pounds, they often just need a second chance.

“Noelle is a friendly girl with a lovely nature and we’re hoping she can enjoy a new life in the UK.”