Plans for new offices and storage units in Clarkston have been kicked-out by East Renfrewshire Council.

But the decision could be overturned by Scottish ministers after planning chiefs admitted their reasons for refusal leave them wide open to an appeal.

Byrne Home Improvements wanted to create the facilities on Eaglesham Road to allow tradespeople to store their equipment.

And despite council officers recommending approval, the planning applications committee turned the proposals down based on a perceived lack of amenity, intensity of use, and road safety grounds.

Roads experts had analysed the site but raised no concerns about safety.

Provost Jim Fletcher said: “We all present ourselves as roads experts, but the roads experts don’t see that there’s a problem.

“We’re leaving ourselves wide open to an appeal to the Scottish Government.”

Byrne Home Improvements had hoped to build five new units at the back of the Co-op to provide a storage base with parking facilities for plumbers, joiners and electricians.

There had been sixteen representations made by residents who also raised issues over road safety and noise coming from the site.

Stewart Miller had previously branded the plans as “terrible” and speaking last week he highlighted concerns with entry and exit to the site through a lane between the Co-op and Watt Brothers.

He said: “I’ve known this site all my life and if they could have found another way in our out it might have been different but to me it’s far too dangerous. It’s dangerous enough with the lorries going in and out for the Co-op.

“If you add in five commercial premises it’s going to make the problem much worse. If you’re building an extra five units here you can be guaranteed an extra five vehicles, possibly 10.”

Betty Cunningham added: “I feel as though it’s a dangerous part to get in and out.

“Accidents on Eaglesham Road have happened because of the parking situation there. I find it to be a hopeless application.”

Byrne can now appeal to Scottish ministers who have the power to overturn the decision and grant planning permission.