The DEC’s appeal in Scotland has been boosted with the support of the leading writer and comedian, Susan Calman, In a video just released Susan says, 

“We’re all part of a global family and when family is in trouble we rally round.  Thanks so much for anything you can do to help.” 

More than 1,500 have now been confirmed dead after the earthquake and a tsunami hit Central Sulawesi Province a week ago.  

Homes and entire communities have been destroyed, 1.5 million people have been affected and 200,000 are in desperate need of help. Authorities fear that casualties and the number of those displaced by the disaster will continue to rise in the coming days.  

DEC member charities and their partners are working closely with the Indonesian authorities and are providing food, clean water, first aid and shelter, as well as helping survivors to cope with the trauma of the last seven days.

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