GLASGOW City Council is to spend £23million fixing flood defences it doesn’t own.

City bosses are keen to strike a deal to repair privately-owned quay walls at the SEC, Pacific Quay, Springfield Quay, and the planned multi-million-pound Buchanan Wharf development.

If agreed, an estimated grant of between £5m and £10m will be given to the owners of the SEC to repair crumbling quay walls around the entertainment hub and the Finnieston Crane.

A further £350,000 will be given to Drum Property Group for works to open up the river edge to walking and cycling lanes at Pacific Quay.

Drum are also expected to receive an additional £1m to enhance community spaces on the riverfront at its Buchanan Wharf development in Tradeston.

And £11.6m could be spent on repairing a quay wall and creating cycle access along a 300m stretch between Tradeston and Springfield Quay.

In August 2014, the city council closed the riverside walkway at the Waterfront development, which is made up of Riverview Gardens, Riverview Place and Riverview Drive, after engineers discovered part of Windmillcroft Quay was crumbling.

Council leader Susan Aitken has denied that the SEC is receiving cash because the local authority is a shareholder in the company that owns the site – Scottish Events Campus Ltd.

She said: “There is absolutely no question of us saying we’ll give it to SEC because it’s ours. I want to make that clear.

“One of the important things to emphasise is that by doing this work and making an investment in the quay walls and the Clyde, we create more investment potential and it allows us to look for other opportunities for additional funding for the remaining sections of the quay wall that won’t be covered by this particular fund.

“The aim that we want is to complete the Clyde and fill in the gaps.”

The council has also set aside up to £35m to repair its own quay walls stretching from Glasgow Green to the Clyde Arc on the north side of the river and from Glasgow Green to Clyde Place on the south.

As part of that, a council-owned area at the Riverside Museum has also been earmarked for work.

Officers are weighing up options which will see the repairs last between 50 and 120 years.

As part of the Tradeston to Springfield Quay repairs, a financial contribution of around £750,000 is to made by John Laing PLC.

On June 1 this year, the council invited expressions of interest from parties wishing to receive funding for quay walls work.

Among those who will not receive funding from the City Deal was the Glasgow Science Centre who applied for £1.15m to create new berthing facilities and community spaces at Pacific Quay.

New City Vision have also been knocked back for £5.6m to revamp the Govan Graving Docks, while The Big Cran Co won’t get £200,000 for wall repairs and cycle access at Stobcross Quay.