AN Englishman has won over legions of Scots after impersonating an “angry Scotsman” who can’t find Irn-Bru in his local shop.

Comedian ManlikeHaks – a.k.a. Hakan Hassan – reveals his alter-ego on shocked shoppers after being dared to by friend Kevin Freshwater.

Hakan is seen in a corner shop when Kevin asks him if he thinks the shop sells Irn-Bru.

Hakan replies: “Why would you ask me if they do Irn-Bru?”

Kevin then hands his pal a See You Jimmy Hat, asking: “What would the crazy Scotsman do if they didn’t have any Irn-Bru?”

Hakan pulls on the tartan hat and says: “I hate you” - before unleashing the hilarious character.

The pair also take the mick out of the price of Freddo bars and also the discounted price of Irn-Bru in a supermarket.

Many Facebook users comended Hakan on his “spot-on” Glaswegian accent.

The video was posted on Facebook less than 24 hours ago and has already garnered close to 60,000 views.