A recreation of an image of three Castlemilk lads almost 50 years after the first photo was taken has stirred up some memories on social media. 

The first image of three young boys was taken by Oscar Marzaroli in 1963 and was used by Scottish band Deacon Blue as a cover for Chocolate Girl. 

In 2012, 49 years later, the same image was captured of the boys (now men) by photographer Robert Perry. 

Both of the images were shared alongside one another on Twitter this week and have stirred up a lot of conversation and memories. 

One Twitter user wrote: "Remember this as a @deaconbluemusic cover - had a massive poster on my wall & it introduced me to Oscar Marzaroli's iconic work."

Another responded: "Not the only Marzaroli image to grace a DB sleeve."

Another added: "Guy in the middle's facial features have barely changed, only aged."

The Tweet has been retweeted more than 100 times and received more than 300 likes.