A girl from East Kilbride surprised 'her two favourite people' when she arrived home from a six month trip travelling Asia and the video got Twitter very emotional.

Jennifer Agnew shared the video of herself waiting patiently in her living room for her grandparents to arrive and when they did it was a very emotional reunion and one that sent her Twitter followers into meltdown. 

She wrote: "So after 6 months of travelling Asia I thought it was time to come home and surprised my two favourite people."

Before the pair even arrive Jennifer begins crying her eyes out before getting up to hug her very shocked grandmother who repeatedly shouts "oh my God". 

The trio then share an adorable hug together and it is difficult not to well up.

And Twitter felt the same as the video has been watched almost 200,000 times, retweeted 2,000 times and liked 16,000 times.

Not to mention the host of comments admiring the trio's love for each other.

One follower wrote: "Aww that’s so nice made my day that."

Another said: "Amazing Grandparents are so precious."

The video even made a few people cry, with one guy claiming he broke down in the gym.

He said: "Well that's me greetin in the gym on a Saturday morning."

Another added: "Hungover and extremely fragile and this made me weep like the first time watching Marley & Me."

The video has also attracted comments from strangers who were extremely touched by the video.

One wrote: "I don't know you Jennifer but I'm crying watching your video. Grandparents are so special. Yours love you so much. Lovely video, welcome home."

Another said: "Oh I am a washing machine of emotions right now!! Lovely!"