NURSES and other NHS staff with up to 40 years service are to be rewarded with badges.

A long-service recognition award scheme is being launched by NHS Greater Glasgow and Clyde to mark the 70th anniversary of the NHS.

Special commemorative pin badges are being produced to mark 20, 30 and 40 years service.

The health board said more than 3500 workers had registered for badges and said it was “delighted” by the enthusiasm shown by staff. However, the scheme has not been so warmly received by other employees.

Union leaders welcomed moves to recognise the dedication of staff but said some NHS workers might feel short changed by the, ‘cheap and cheerful’ approach.

One NHS worker responded to a Facebook post about the scheme, saying: “How to make staff feel recognised for long service and commitment to the organisation........a badge.”

Another posted: “Think I’ll give it a miss thanks... a badge for 30yrs service. Really!?!”

The scheme will apply to staff who have worked for an board or trust across the UK as long as they are currently on the NHSGGC payroll.”

Another female worker said she was given a voucher for 40 years long service.

Matt McLaughlin, Unison’s Regional Organiser said: “Recognising long service and dedication to any organisation is a good think and its even more of a good thing for public sector workers who give up so much, sometimes for very little thanks and often in extreme circumstances.

“Whilst no one would expect NHSGGC to waste public money on such initiatives, UNISON would question whether this cheap and cheerful approach wont simply add insult to injury.”

A spokeswoman for NHSGGC said: “As part of the 70th anniversary of the NHS we have launched the ‘Long Service Awards’ scheme to celebrate the dedication and service of all staff who have served the NHS for 20 years or more

“We have already had nearly 3,500 staff register in the four weeks since we launched the scheme and are delighted with the enthusiasm of staff.

Dorothy McErlean, Employee Director, added: “We are delighted that staff are being recognised for their hard work and dedication over the years and a lot of staff are extremely pleased with the launch of the long service badges.

“The initiative has been fully supported by the Area Partnership Forum and by our Trades Unions.”