A FAKE plug socket on a wall at Glasgow Airport has been causing much amusement and stirring debate online this week.

The image was shared on Twitter by unamused user Scott Reid.

It shows what looks to be a plug socket close to a waiting area.

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Upon closer inspection, the fact that it’s partially torn from one corner gives away the fact that it’s fake. Funny, but not-so-funny if you’re desperately looking for a point to charge your phone before boarding.

East Kilbride Connect:

Sharing the image, Scott wrote: “There are many different levels of evil, and then there’s the person who put this fake plug socket sticker on the wall at Glasgow Airport.”

“I like to think they appreciated the genius. Either that or they really just can’t get it off,” he added.

Many of his followers applauded the sticker. Let us know what you think in the poll above.