DRUNKEN louts wreaked havoc on a residential street in Pollok - by slashing several car tyres.

The shocking act of vandalism happened on Monday night in Potterhill Road.

Around eight vehicles had their tyres ripped apart by knife-wielding thugs - and now hard-working residents are going to have to fork out hundreds of pounds to replace the damaged wheels.

Vandalism victim Denise Coyle, 24, had her tyres slashed the day before she was moving out of her parents home, which is on the street.

She said: “It is out of order.

“There is young kids and pensioners who live in the street – what if they seen this happen? They will be scared to leave their house.

“Folk will end up too frightened to leave the house if they see folk running about with knives.”

The Evening Times understands that the vandals may have been drinking alcohol in the nearby Rosshall Park before attacking cars on the street

Potterhill Road is often used as one of the main routes in and out the park.

It is understood that the vandals struck at around 11pm before bolting from the area when a neighbour discovered what they were doing.

Denise, whose parents Susan and Steven also had their cars targeted, said: “I think they have had a drink in them and decided to do what they want. What else can they gain from it? They must have just thought it was funny at the time.

“It has just put everyone in a complete downer . One of the car owners is completely distraught as they just got their car back from being repaired. We are going to have to fork out more money which folk don’t really have.

“I have lived here most of my life and it has never been like this.”

Govan cops are now investigating the incident and are expected to review CCTV on the street.

A Police Scotland spokeswoman said: “I can confirm that police at Govan are continuing enquiries and examining CCTV after eight vehicles of vandalise sometime between Monday night and the early hours of Tuesday morning in Potterhill Road, Pollok.”

No descriptions were released of the suspects and anyone with information can contact Police Scotland on 101.

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