WARNING- Contains graphic imagery readers may find distressing

A TEENAGER was left horrified after she stumbled across a grisly scene while on a country walk - the heads of six cows lined up in a field.

It is thought the half-dozen cow heads may have been part of a bizarre 'sacrificial scene', according to the mum of the terrified teen that discovered the grim scene.

The grim discovery was made by a 17-year-old girl, by the side of a rural road in Cranbrook, Kent, last week.

They were lined up next to a huge pile of animal entrails which appear to have come from the cows - but there were no headless carcasses seen nearby.

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Mary Hiscock’s 17-year-old daughter saw the six heads lined up on Sunday.

Six heads and entrails were seen sitting side-by-side in with one of the calves’ mouths shut with cable ties.

Reports on social media suggested the heads may have been left for hunters to pick up and dispose of - and the smell was also described as “foul”.

After the teen mentioned she had seen the heads, her elder sister revealed she had seen just two heads at the same spot three days before.

Mary has reported the mutilated cow corpses to the council and corpses have been moved.

The 49-year-old said: “It's a bizarre scene and looks almost sacrificial, but almost certainly like it has been arranged like that.

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"They definitely didn't die there.

“If it was a dump job then it would have been littered in all directions but they seemed to be specifically lined up. It is quite bizarre.

“My daughter first saw two heads on Thursday night and then my other daughter saw some more on Sunday when she was going to work.

“The heads were all lined up and their entrails were there. They were in disbelief.

“My 17-year-old daughter was quite taken aback by it and now she thinks it might be some kind of cult ritual.

"It certainly wasn't very human because their moths were tied shut."

A local dairy farmer said the bodies could have come from miles away and may have been left by cow "rustlers".

He said: "It's got to be some kind of peculiar activity.

READ MORE: Decapitated horse head found in Bellshill

"The cows are worth a couple of hundred quid each, so it's just madness.

"It could be rustlers from miles away, we're the only dairy farm in the area and there's not many beef cattle, so they could have come from anywhere.

"We get so much fly-tipped rubbish, it's the start of the season for computers, fridges, settees.

"That road where they were found get's a lot of rubbish dumped on it."

Kent Police, RSPCA and Tunbridge Wells Borough Council have said they are yet to receive any reports of the dead animal's bodies being dumped in the area.

Cranbrook Parish Council have also reported the matter to the relevant authorities while a spokesman described it as “bizarre, unpleasant and worrying”.