TV CHEF James Martin has flown four investigators to Glasgow after a customer’s complaint over a sorry-looking, over-priced burger at his restaurant went viral.

In an interview, Martin blasted the mass outrage over the burger as “just one complaint.”

“Burgergate” came about earlier this month when Scots TV presenter Ewen Cameron called out the 45-year-old celebrity chef over an unappetising burger at his eatery in Glasgow International Airport - priced at an eye-watering £9.50.

East Kilbride Connect:

James Martin Kitchen at the airport prides itself on the fact everything is made “in-house to James’s exact specifications by highly trained chefs.”

However, Cameron’s tweet gained plenty of attention and attracted comments from other unimpressed followers who shared their own disappointing experiences.

However, speaking to The Sunday Times, he was asked whether he spreads himself “too thinly.”

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On top of touring, TV and cookbooks, Martin has two restaurants, four cafes and a cookery school and also creates food for Virgin Trains and Thomas Cook Airlines.

The chef - still irked by the incident - told the title: “Not really. At the end of the day you put systems in place, and if the systems fail, then all you can do is address those systems.”

He also argued it was one complaint “gone viral.”

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When quizzed on how, on TripAdvisor, 58% of reviews rate his cafe as “poor” or “terrible,” he replied, “I haven’t looked at TripAdvisor.”

After Cameron’s initial complaint, Martin said he “really does care” about his customers.

He said: “I genuinely care.

“The guy didn’t complain at the time, so all of a sudden it gets posted on social media and the first time I see it is when it’s all over social media.

“I’m doing my best, I’ve offered a refund… I really give a s*** about my job. I’ve been in catering all my life and the customer is my number one.

“I get upset when people say I don’t care. I went into the kitchen at six years old with a chef’s jacket and a dream – that’s what infuriates me, I really do care.”