RANGERS star Russell Martin has been hit with vile sectarian abuse while shopping in a Glasgow Tesco.

In a video which has been doing the rounds on Twitter and Instagram, Martin can be seen walking through the Home department of the supermarket while carrying what looks to be a set of towels.

A man walking past spits out: “Git it up ye, ya Orange b****** ye.”

His hardman pal filming behind the camera chips in: “Ya Hun p****.”

One of the yobs can also be heard to say: “We’re going to do you tomorrow.”

East Kilbride Connect:

Unperturbed by the incident, 32-year-old Martin - who is on loan at Rangers from Norwich - walks on by down the aisle.

It is believed the incident took place just before the Old Firm match at Ibrox at the weekend.

Sources close to Martin said: “Russell isn’t best pleased about it. He shouldn’t have to put up with stuff like that while he’s out minding his own business.”

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“It’s disgusting,” they added, according to The Scottish Sun.

The incident has come to light after a group of men were removed from their flight for verbally abusing Celtic winger Scott Sinclair after the Old Firm match.

East Kilbride Connect:

Sinclair was waiting to board a flight at Glasgow Airport on Sunday night in the BA lounge.

The 28-year-old was verbally abused by three individuals.

A spokesman for Glasgow Airport said: “We are aware of the fact there was an incident in the BA lounge and the police were involved.

“Three individuals were removed from the flight and the airport.”

Six people were arrested after the match, said Police Scotland.

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The match between Rangers and Celtic at Ibrox Stadium ended 3-2 in Celtic’s favour.

Police had said there would be a “notable increase” in officers in the area.

The arrests were made in and around Ibrox Stadium.

A spokesman for Police Scotland said: “There were six arrests around the stadium for minor public order offences.”