Scots actor David Tennant has stirred up a storm after slagging off square sausage while on a trip to America.

The ex-Doctor Who man was speaking at US fan convention Wizard World when he made the controversial comments at the weekend.

Talking to the audience, the 46-year-old described how “we have this thing called square sausage in Scotland.”

The Bathgate-born Scot then went on: “The meat isn’t good enough to put in an actual sausage.

“They scrape it off the floor of the butcher’s shop, slap it into a square, and you get this flat thing - like a tile shape.

“In fact, you could probably tile your bathroom with them and they would be entirely impregnable to everything.”

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“But, I haven’t had them in a while,” he confessed of the popular breakfast favourite which is also known as “slice” and “Lorne,” reports the Daily Record.

One Twitter user wrote: “He’s forgot his roots!! Too many Cumberlands. The square sausage is the king of sausage.”

Scottish music producer and composer, Lorne Balfe, even waded into the deabet.

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The 41-year-old joked: “A public apology should be made #lornesausage.”

He later added: “Disgusted to read the comments made in regards to Lorne sausage.”

Butchers have also come forward to hit out at the actor over his “inaccurate” comments.

“It’s a stupid remark to say it’s made with scrapings off the floor. His description is inaccurate and insults all food producers,” Nigel Ovens, of McCaskie Butcher, told the Record.