THEY'RE the instant symbols of expression on social media and text messages: hundreds of emojis that encapsulate how you’re feeling.

But while the concept is universal and global, we think Glaswegians deserve their own specific definitions that reflect the local patter.

So here’s our list of Weegie emojis and the context that they can be used in – and we’re sure you’ll have more examples to add which we’d love to feature here.

Read on, leave your comment below and email your ideas to us.

Remember to include your emoji, the Weegie definition and your name.

Our top 20 Weegie emojis:

Done a bunk

This emoji is commonly used for a person dancing but we think in Glasgow the context has a more sinister meaning. Weegie translation: “He goat doon in wan knee, esked her to merry him n she done a bunk there and then, I’m tellin’ ye.”

Pure riddy

The blushing emoji is often used in romantic exchanges between couples or to describe embarrassment. Weegie translation: “Ma maw’s 50 n she goat tickets fir Olly Murs at the Hydro, she's a pure riddy man.”


The woman with arms forming an X indicates no. Weegie translation: “Ma pal goat a knockback fae the dancin cos she wis so steamin.”


The sick emoji features the face with the medical mask but we think it could be used to describe something which makes us feel sick. Weegie translation: “Barry hid chips, cheese and curry then a kebab efter the dancin. He wis pure geein me the boak man.”


A bee emoji  in our opinion can be used to describe an elated feeling, as promoted by Commonwealth Games boxing star Charlie Flynn: “I’m buzzin like a jar of wasps.” Weegie translation: “Betty won at the bingo, she wis pure buzzin man.”


Meet Billy the goat - yes, he is really called this according to the emoji dictionary. The goat symbol fits in well with Weegie speak as it describes how Glaswegians pronounce got. Weegie translation: “I goat my wain loads fir his Christmas, a even goat him a dug.

Heavy ragin

When you are really angry, this face gets typed. Weegie translation: “A wis pure heavy ragin wae her, she didn’t pay a penny towards the chippy. Am pure skint as well.”


The poo emoji is self-explanatory.  Comedian Kevin Bridges best describes how Glaswegians use the word in the potty-mouthed sense. When Glaswegians don’t like something we never say it is s***, we mostly use s****. Weegie translation: “The weather is pure s****.”


In Glasgow, a peach is never just a fruit. It is used as an adjective to describe something which is amazing or good. Weegie translation: “Yir new motor Bobby is a pure peach.”

Dae ye want tae nip me?

The kissing couple emoji could be the simple way of posing the classic question to someone you fancy. Weegie translation: “Dae ye want tae nip me?”


The crying face used when you are sad or things don’t go your way. Weegie translation: “That wain has been greetin aw day.”


The flexed biceps emoji. Weegie translation: “He’s been at the gym aw week, he’s pure solid.”


The rocket emoji might suggest high-flying, but here rocket is also a term used to describe someone who is foolish or stupid. Weegie translation: “He went to Prestwick airport instead of Glesga, he’s a pure rocket man.”


The emoji for bread. In Glasgow though you only ever want the outsider (the ends of a loaf). Weegie translation: “You want a piece n jam? Aye but geez the outsider.”


The way people in Glasgow pronounce things can lead to misinterpretation. As a child I was even confused thinking people in Glasgow lived in boat houses. Weegie translation: “She disnae live in a cooncil hoose, hers is a boat house.”


The steam locomotive emoji. In Glasgow, however, we use the word steamin to describe being drunk, so we think this emoji fits in well here. Weegie translation: “A drank too much at the party, a wis pure steamin man.”


The person frowning emoji. In Glasgow, we never frown, we are just scunnered. Weegie translation: “I am just scunnered wae him, oor relationship is nae working oot.”

Taps aff

The T-shirt emoji used on the rare occasion we get good weather in Glesga. Weegie translation: “It’s roastin today, it’s taps aff weather.”


Although this emoji means cool, shady is the way people in Glasgow describe something that is not legitimate or dodgy. Weegie translation: "A seen that Gary up ma bit wae another bird who wis nae his girlfiend, whit wis that aw aboot?"


The raising of your hands in celebration emoji or simply yaldi in Glasgow. Weegie translation: "A just goat a pay rise, yaldi!"


Used when it's freezing outside. Which it usually is in Glasgow. Weegie translation: "It's pure baltic out there, eh? Get a jacket oan!"

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Daen ma nut in

The exploding head face is used when someone is absolutely fuming. Weegie translation: "Git away fae me - you're daen ma nut right in!"

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The quiet emoji is for all things secret and hush-hush. Weegie translation: "Aw, wheest and geez peace! Ma heed's nippin' wae you."

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Do you have any more you could add to our list? Let us know below!