Looking for a Local Plumber in East Kilbride?

Plumbco Plumbers are based in East Kilbride and have been servicing the local area for over 12 years.

We work 7am - 6pm at our normal hourly rates which we monitor weekly!

For all other times for our 24 hour service

Plumbco Plumbers in East Kilbride provide services for all your domestic maintenance requirements which include heating, plumbing, bathrooms, drain clearing, electrics, appliance installation and repairs, carpentry, roofing and building. Our service also includes Commercial Heating and Electrics. 

A transparent charging system at competitive and economical rates (we monitor our competitor’s rates on a weekly basis to keep our rates competitive and are the only company to have the same rate from 7.00 am to 6.00 pm), guaranteed work with a 24 hour service and 1 hour response. Plumbo are East Kilbride’s leading, largest and fastest independent plumbing company with a workforce of over 30.

We complete over 8000 jobs annually with returning customers accounting for over 75% of our work – their satisfaction ensuring both customer loyalty and a reputation which few other companies can match. 

Plumbo - 'When peace of mind matters'

Address: 62 Alwyn Dr, East Kilbride, Glasgow G74 4RL

Phone: 01355 271811