What is there not to like about running a race?

Ask yourself that and you are already on your way to producing a list the length of your arm about your flabby bits, your inability to walk the length of yourself and your dire fear that someone you know might see you.

But what is there not to like about Cancer?

Well, there’s lots of things to hate – never mind just dislike – about someone you know and love suffering from a terminal illness. One thing is for sure, though. You can bet your last pound coin – and please do – that anyone who’s life has been permanently changed due to affects of illness would jump at the opportunity to run even just round to the shop in perfect health, even in their underwear. Wobbly bits n’ all.

It’s time that you put your hesitation aside and two feet in front of the other, over and over again, to help make something like that happen for thousands of people in the UK. Cancer Research is already making this possible by hosting Race for Life events up and down the country.

‘But the inconvenience, the time – I don’t have a spare minute after work/school/university’ – the country proclaims.

Sadly, Cancer doesn’t sleep either. In fact, there’s an overnight relay race that has been designed to highlight this exact fact. And there’s even one right here in East Kilbride.

The Relay for Life is a unique event that takes place in John Wright Sports Centre every single year. The race lasts 24-hours, starting this year at 7pm on the 17th of June and continues through the night until 7pm the following evening.

Participants are advised to create a team and fundraise as much as possible prior to the event. The organisation has a leader board on their website, highlighting the unbelievable fundraising efforts of their top 5 teams and individuals which is active in the lead up to the race.

On the day of Relay For Life East Kilbride, teams can expect a celebratory mix of music, games, entertainment, food and fundraising. Whilst the event is in full swing, members of each team will take turns to walk around the track for the duration of the event. As the evening closes in, participants will light a candle of hope to pay tribute to all those whose lives have been affected by cancer. Bags are decorated and lined against the track for the remainder of the event to deliver a poignant reminder of why we are doing what we are.

For more information, visit the Relay For Life East Kilbride page. It’s never too late to join in or even get along and show support for this amazing cause on the evening of the event.