Ah, yes - it's April. The word 'summer' is sure to start surfacing among Scottish hopefuls any day now. 'Sunshine', 'heat' and 'ice lollies' are likely to quickly follow, slipping into day-to-day conversation here and there at first until, before we know it, summer becomes all we can talk about.

While Scotland is famed for stunning scenery, magnificent mountain hikes and lavish lochs, it's not very often that the weather permits us to enjoy these things in great conditions (whiskey aside). In fact, while it is April, the only indication of the changing season is the extended day time, a side-effect of March's clock rewind. Legend tells of Springs that brought forth a mass of colour, rising temperatures and wild animals, but what can we do when out of the window is a chilly, warped version of the truth? 

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Things to Do Indoors On a Very Rainy Day

1. Indoor Cinema

Close the curtains, dim the lights and bring out all the quilts from the overhead storage... In the darkness, select your favourite pick-me-up movie or the latest TV series to take over your life. Ding some popcorn in the microwave before huddling down amid a plethora of blankets and pillows on the couch, either alone or with a furry friend. 

2. Do a Jigsaw

Nothing brings family relationships to a close faster than the missing piece of a jigsaw - the only one left that will complete the puzzle. So, skip the drama and find your own personal quiet corner to do start a brand new one. Blast some tunes or tune into the TV for background noise, and feel all of your troubles flood away down the drain.

3. Make a Big Cuppa

Pick-me-up's don't get much simpler than a hot drink. Stick the kettle on and wrap your palms around your favourite mug. 

4. Upsize Some Recycled Junk

Next time you go to bin with a glass bottle or a used tin of soup or beans ask yourself: 'What else could I use this for?' 

Upsizing is a quirky and useful way to utilise objects you'd normally just throw away. For example, glass bottles make great vases when coated with a lick of paint and old tin cans can be painted and decorated to make pen and plant pots, kitchen utensil jars, toothbrush holders and so much more.

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East Kilbride Connect:

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5. Read

No one likes their co-workers and family all of the time, why not indulge in a brand new set of fictional friends?

6. Spring Clean

Sounds a bit crazy, eh? Cleaning the house is an oddly cathartic way of brightening up your spirits. In fact, even the smallest adjustments can make for a huge impact, simple things like emptying all of the bins, putting any dishes away, organising through piles of paperwork and sorting out the washing (or, in some cases, what is washing and what are clean clothes...). 

Should you find the need to journey outdoors in the rain, returning to a warm and clean home means your attention can be channelled into relaxing again.

7. Bathe

A rainy day is the perfect foundation to finally use those toiletry sets we all got for Christmas. Run a bath (or shower if necessary), laying out exfoliators, bathing treats and body butters a-plenty to be used freely. Burn a candle in the corner of the bathroom, remembering to make up a playlist of music before you get your hands wet. So simple yet so perfect.

8. Hit Snooze

No, you're not alone. It is definitely much harder to get out of bed when it is miserable outside. So, when it's possible on weekends and days off, don't rush. Lie in bed a few moments longer and allow yourself a blissful extra hour or two of lingering in and out of conciousness before you expose your body to the bitter cold. It might eat into your day, but at least you know you won't be missing much outwith the walls of your house. 

9. Bake

Baking is a great way to pass the time. Not only this, the sense of acomplishment that comes with having something tasty to show for all your hard work is rivalled by few. You needn't be Mary Berry to feel good about baking something either, which is why Chocolate Cornflake Cakes were invented.

Here are some straight-forward, delicious recipies to make with things you'll likely already have in the house:

10. Journal

A Pluviophile is someone who likes to listen to the rain, did you know?

Many people classify themselves as Pluviophiles. Listening to the rain can be very theraputic and thought-provoking, particularly for creatives who are often inspired by the sound, sight and sensation of rain hitting their skin or windows. With this in mind, taking ten minutes to jot down your thoughts and feelings on paper can be very mindful, and is a far cry from expensive yoga sessions and indulging in organic produce.