The coffee guzzlers of the East Kilbride community didn't know how to modestly handle the news this month when it emerged that a drive-thru' Starbucks may be the newest addition to the Kingsgate Retail Park in the very near future.

The good news, announced via East Kilbride Connect last week, is likely to be received well by brand fanatics within Lanarkshire. While there is already a Starbucks situated within East Kilbride Shopping Centre, the drive-through element of the brand new development will be more accessible for pedestrians and make the entire coffee drinking experience more convenient.

East Kilbride's drive-thru' will follow the example set by the Dunfermlin and Linwood Starbucks - the only other two of its kind in Scotland.

East Kilbride Connect:

In terms of benefits and what exactly will be inside, we know very little about how the development will benefit our lives. However, in comparing it to the pre-existing drive-thru's in Scotland we are able to speculate, if only to keep us calm until the doors offically open.

Here's what you can expect from the brand new East Kilbride drive-thru' Starbucks.

1. Adequate Parking

With space factored in for over 50 vehicles due to a planned re-construction of the Pizza Hut carpark on Nerston Road, parking at the new premises will be more than adequate for visitors. Hooray for convenience!

2. Indoor and Outdoor Seating

The coffee house is set to accomodate customers both inside and outside with a specially allocated outdoor seating area which will be an asset on hot days.

3. Safe Access for Pedestrians 

The plans - released by Global Investment giants Aviva Investors - have included a pedestrian crossing for the joint carpark extrance between Pizza Hut and Starbucks. This will make access safe for locals travelling to the premises by foot.

4. Convenient Access to Shops

Situated at the propsed new unit 13 Nerston Road, Starbucks will be a stone-throw away from the Kingsgate Retail Park.