A LANDLORD spied on his tenants through CCTV cameras – and then branded them “paranoid”.

Abtin Ossatian was told he had breached the human rights of five people who had lived in his flats at 335 and 370 Great Western Road.

Police had to intervene after claims the CCTV cameras were looking into bedroom windows in one of the homes.

Tenants were forced to sign up to an agreement preventing them from skipping, bringing inflatable furniture into the flats and having “excess belongings”.

And it was revealed that Mr Ossatian’s mother was twice thrown out of council offices on George Street by security after showing up unannounced.

But the landlord told a meeting of the Glasgow City Council Licensing Committee: “All of these are false allegations.

“There is pretty much no evidence to support those.

“Almost the entire thing is false.

“The tenants knew they were in the wrong. It is a way of getting back at me.

“When I had the properties and being a new landlord, I came across a lot of problems. Tenants would smoke, party and set off smoke alarms.

“I changed the contract to stop it and to change it to an environment that I could control. I can’t have people throwing crazy parties for over 100 people. That’s a risk.”

The concerns levelled against the landlord stretched back to October 2016 when the father of a tenant at 335 Great Western Road complained that Mr Ossatian’s mum had been carrying out a campaign of harassment and making unannounced visits.

The same person also complained to police about intrusive CCTV cameras, which were said to face into the front door, the kitchen and the bedrooms.

Mr Ossatian denied that he had been spying on his tenants, instead claiming that he was preventing any potential for break-ins.

On three separate occasions, Mr Ossatian blocked the return of security deposits when people moved out.

He was ordered by a Sheriff to pay a total of £5,400 in compensation to three of the tenants and an independent adjudicator also ordered him to return £1,720 to a fourth person.

Licensing committee member Aileen McKenzie blasted Mr Ossatian’s running of the properties.

She said: “What this looks like to me is not just a breach of privacy but it’s a breach of their human rights. No one should be spying on them and no-one should be spying on their guests that they are taking back.”

Councillor Rhiannon Spear said: “Do you believe that to not allow tenants to bring in excessive personal belongings, not to skip inside the property, not to bring inflatable furniture, and not to clutter the property is acceptable?

“These are terrifying clauses.”

Licensing committee chairman John Kane added: “You seem to have a habit of losing tenants.

“Some of the tenants are saying your mother has almost terrorized them. The worry of the committee is that there is a bit of a pattern.”

Mr Ossatian had a Houses in Multiple Occupation (HMO) licence for both properties but was told he would be stripped of that.

He was also stripped of his landlord registration and banned from letting properties in the city.